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Welcome to Monday Morning Kinspiration, a site dedicated toward keeping your spirits high on the toughest morning of the week. It’s extremely simple to get a burst of inspiration sent directly to your Kindle every Monday morning, simply follow these steps.

1. Give Your Kindle Permission To Be Inspired

Visit Amazon’s Manage My Kindle page and click on the Personal Document Settings tab. Add our e-mail address to your Kindle Approved E-mail List. The page will also list your Kindle e-mail address here, which you will need for step 3.

2. Make Sure It’s Free

We want to make sure that our words of wisdom are free as a bird, so click “Change” and make your Personal Document Charge Limit to $0.00. The best words in life are free, after all!

3. Subscribe To Our Mailing List

Type in your Kindle e-mail address below (automatically pointed to your free Kindle e-mail address). Currently, Monday Morning Kinspiration is only available for Kindles with Wi-Fi capability (which makes sure our messages are free).

(Need Jamie’s help to put in a newsletter sign-up form :))

4. Get Ready For a Monday Morning Boost

You will receive an inspiring article every Monday morning that you can read on your Kindle just like a book or magazine article. Hopefully this will brighten your day, week, and month! To find out new and wonderful things going on with Monday Morning Kinspiration, follow Twitter at Bryan Cohen on Twitter.

Who Will Be Sending These E-mails

Bryan Cohen is an author and motivational speaker whose books have sold over 3,000 copies. He has been blogging since 2008 at Build Creative Writing Ideas where he has served over 100,000 visitors. As a self-help junkie himself, Bryan has read hundreds of inspirational stories, articles and excerpts and he’s dying to share them with the world (after putting his own little comedic spin on them). Bryan is also an improv comedian and a whiz in the kitchen.

What Should I Be Expecting?

Expect stories of exceptional women and men. Expect boiled down concepts of happiness and positivity. Expect that whatever goes into your Kindle that fateful Monday morning, it will lift you up from the grumbling, latte-requiring, mopey individual you were beforehand.

Thanks for Stopping By!


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